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For The Love of Cricket

For years now, I’ve been experiencing the onset of a slow love affair with cricket. Maybe it’s because I love puzzles (especially the cryptic kind), and here in North...

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Of Mics and Men

I love recording things. Capturing moments in time. Working in radio is like being a photographer of sound. Microphones are like best friends. They’re reliable. They don’t lie. They...

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The Beautiful Similkameen Valley

This is what the autumn cattle auction looks like in Okanagan Falls, BC. I went there in October to speak to some of the ranchers who live in the...

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Temporary Hearing Loss

I first started suffering from tinnitus about seven years ago. I’ve learned how to live with it, mostly. It usually affects me the most when I’m in a very silent...

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Ode to the Salish Sea

Just over a year ago, I composed an audio artwork commissioned by the Deep Wireless Festival of Radio Art. I’m excited to share it as the first audio I’m posting...

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Antiques Violin Show

Meet Jason Price – musical treasure hunter. He travels around North America appraising antique violins, cellos & bows. People line up for his sessions, carrying their old family heirlooms...

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