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Signal To Noise

This is the story of my tinnitus, which affects my ability to enjoy silence. Through the telling of the story, I’ve tried to create a kind of music that...

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The First Journalist

I must confess I didn’t really know anything about the Ancient Greek author and historian Thucydides until a marvellous opportunity to learn all about him landed in my lap....

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Gros Morne: The Bones of the Earth

One of the most thrilling projects with which I’ve ever been involved, this is a feature documentary about how the theory of plate tectonics found firm footing in Gros...

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Music and Mental Illness

2010 marked the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Romantic-era composer Robert Schumann. Schumann was perhaps the archetypal moody artist, alternating between blazing bouts of creativity and periods...

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The Sound and the Sea

I’m thrilled to announce that my documentary The Sound and the Sea has won a Silver Medal for Best Sound at the 2010 New York Festivals Radio Program and Promotion Awards....

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