Last month I was lucky enough to give a presentation at the fantabulous Third Coast International Audio Festival. I called it AuRa: The Chemistry of Sound. You can listen to my presentation by going here. In this post, I’ve embedded links to the complete programs from which I drew the examples I gave in my…

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Mashing up 2010

How do you mash up the sound of a year? In less than 2 minutes? It’s an interesting challenge, and CBC Radio One’s Saturday morning show Day 6 put it to me a couple of weeks ago. They gave me some simple parameters – I had to use clips relating to their Big 6 stories,…

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Day 6

There’s a great new show launching on CBC Radio today called Day 6. They commissioned me to create a sound piece that made me pay close attention to a story that I might have willfully ignored as overblown media hype – and that I think the international news media really ought to have ignored: the…

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